Oct. 1st, 2016

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Dear Yuletide Writer:

Once again, I am ridiculously excited to see what you bring me this year. I've limited my requests to three fandoms this year, because I wanted to be sure that whatever fandom we matched on, I would be equally excited with the result. All three of these are things I spend a LOT of my time on, things that delight me, things that would make me incredibly happy to see fic for.

General things I love: fluffy romance, hurt/comfort, mutual pining, ridiculous shenanigans, found families, AUs, happy endings of all sorts.

Dislikes: character death, unhappy endings, humiliation comedy, rape/non-con.

Fandom-specific requests and rambling ...

Critical Role: This show. It hits every single one of my found family buttons. The sign-up limited me to four character requests, but don't feel constrained by that list. I love every single person in this show, and would love to read about anyone.

I'm a die-hard Perc'ahlia shipper, so you can't go wrong with Percy and Vex together. However, my secret dream is Vex/Percy/Vax OT3 - whether it would be a poly V or a full threesome with incest, that'd be your call, I am 100% in for either. Speaking of OT3s, though, I would also kill for poly Keyleth/Vax/Gilmore. Or, quite frankly, any sort of Polymachina scenario you might come up with. I am here for ALL THE POLY RELATIONSHIPS.

(Also, I'm 110% in for Yuleporn in this fandom, should that be your kind of thing.)

If you're more on the gen side of things, though, don't worry! I seriously do love every dynamic in Vox Machina and their friends and allies. Give me twin bonding, or de Rolo sibling bonding, or Keyleth being awkward with Kash, or Grog and the gnomes shenanigans, or life back in Whitestone while VM is out dragon-hunting, or ... I could go on forever. Seriously, I will be 100% happy with whatever you give me in this fandom, as long as it has a happy ending.

Elder Scrolls Online: I spend so much time playing this game. SO MUCH TIME. And there's almost no fic for it, which is incredibly sad - so if this is the fandom we match on, imagine me jumping up and down with glee right now.

My requests are for the four Thieves' Guild characters, because I love that storyline so much, and I love all the characters therein. I love that it's almost entirely female characters, all so very different, with varied and often combative relationships. I love that the one love story we get in this storyline is between two older women, who have lost and then find each other again. This is my favorite DLC yet, thanks to these characters.

I'd love fic about Velsa and Nahrani and their reunion. But I also love how Velsa and Zeira both despise and respect each other by the end, and how Quen starts fitting into the Abah's Landing Guild. I just want to read about their day to day lives, robbing people and living in the sewers and being a really dysfunctional little thieving family.

Paradise Bay: Honestly, I would have never thought to nominate this, but once I saw that someone else did, I literally clapped in delight. (So thank you, whoever did nominate it!) This game is my day-to-day time waster, so adorable and fun, with genuinely good dialogue and characters that make me laugh, and I've had brief thoughts about "wouldn't fic about this game be super-fun?" Now, perhaps, I'll actually get it! Which would be amazing!

I love Pike and Clara, and their pre-existing relationship. I'll read anything about them - their pre-game adventures? How they met? Adventures they go on now, while they're living on the Island? Gen or shippy, I'd take either. And Sita and Wesley - I'll take fic about Wesley being the Worst Pirate, or Sita before she made it to the Island, or their awkward courting together. Or I'd take group shenanigan fic with all of them - plus Keani and Finn, should you choose to include them.

Happy writing, my friend! I can't wait until Christmas, to see what you've brought me. :D


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