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Dear Yuletide Writer:

First, let me thank you in advance for whatever it is you end up writing for me. Last year was my first year participating in Yuletide, and I ended up with a couple of really great stories that made my holiday season that much better. Whatever you write for me is a gift that will make me clap with delight on Christmas, no matter what you write, I can guarantee that!

My main request for this year, regardless of which fandom you matched with me on, is pretty simple – I want women being awesome! The ways in which they're awesome are completely up to you, but whatever you write, I'd really like it to focus primarily on female characters.

Fandom specific requests:

Cinders: What I love about this game is the fact that Cinders nearly always takes her own fate into her hands, no matter what route/ending you choose for her. My preferred pairing for her is Cinders/Perrault, and my favorite ending for them is the one in which they run away to be adventurers together. But, I love all endings in their own way, so don't feel like you're limited to that one! I'd love a story about Cinders and her stepsisters running the house together, or about the ending in which Cinders and Ghede go off and travel together. (I also wouldn't be opposed to Cinders, Perrault, and Ghede running off together – platonically or in a threesome sort of way. :D) In non-Cinders pairings, I'm super fond of Sophia/Basile, and think the world needs more stories about the two of them. I also like Perrault/Ghede, past, present, or future! So your options are open here – honestly, I love this game so much that I'll probably clap my hands with glee over anything you might write for me!

The Iron Seas series: I am so, so in love with this universe. I love how differently history has unfolded, thanks to the Horde, and the technology she's come up with to explain a lot of it. I also love that, despite the fact that the books are primarily traditional het romances, she deals a lot with alternative sexualities and non-traditional concepts of femininity and masculinity in certain ways. I just finished reading Riveted, and as with the other two books, I'm left wanting ALL the stories about what happens next. I loved the concept of Hannasvik, and would love a story about how Annika fits back into her old life after the book, when she goes back to visit. Or about how the town is starting to slowly break its isolation, with Annika's help. Or whatever it is that you imagine Annika doing post-book. Going back to the other books, I will read anything and everything about Yasmeen having adventures. Or about Mina solving cases. I love all three canon relationships, so if you want to write them, go for it! Or, if you want to write gen, I'd love that as well.

Newsflesh: This is my one potential exception to the "all women, all the time" flavor of my request. Which isn't to say I wouldn't ADORE stories about the female characters. I would love a story that explores more about Magdalene; about her family life, or what she does that isn't directly related to the Masons and their drama. I'd also like to see something about George post-game. (I'd love to see the Masons adventuring through Canada post-series!) But I also really, really love Mahir, and wouldn't mind at all seeing a story that focuses on him. (And maybe his wife, who needs more love!) Also, while she's not an official choice for characters, I LOVED Becks and would be more than happy to see her appear somewhere. Mostly, I just love this series, and I loved the ending of it, and would be happy to see just about anything written about it.

Clockwork Century: Another universe I adore in its entirety; like the Iron Seas series, I love how she's playing with history, showing how differently things would go with different technology influencing the course. My biggest interest here is Seattle, and how the society inside the walls works. By the time Yuletide posting comes around, the new book will be out, but don't feel like you're required to read that and include that canon if you don't want to. I'd be more than happy to read any story you might want to write about the women of Seattle surviving and thriving, having adventures, doing whatever it is you want to have them doing, whether it includes the new book or not. Or, if you want to go into the past and write about Lucy, Briar, or Mercy prior to the books, that would be awesome, too! I'm very fond of the canon relationships, but with this one, I also wouldn't mind pretty much any other (non-incestuous) pairing featuring any one of the above-mentioned ladies. But gen is also awesome – I just want something featuring Lucy, Briar, and/or Mercy being awesome. The details are up to you!

Whatever fandom you're writing, whatever you come up with, I'm sure it's going to be amazing. I'm looking forward to your story! :D


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