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Two Hearted Dream - a fanmix for [ profile] safaiagem's [ profile] marvel_bang story, "I Don't Sleep (I Dream)"

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Track Listing:

1) "Sleep Alone" - Bat For Lashes

Lonely, lonely, lonely, 'cause my mama told me
The dream of love is a two hearted dream

2) "Ghost In Your Mind" - Black Lab

And I wanted to believe you
The lies that I could see through
But I never got between you and the ghost in your mind

3) "Say You'll Haunt Me" - Stone Sour

Say you'll never die
You'll always haunt me
I want to know I belong to you
Say you'll haunt me

4) "Silent Voices Kill" - Madina Lake

The past is a noose that you have tied my life up to.
Now I'm obsessed, I'm sick, I'm desperate, I can't move.

5) "Hallucinations" - Angels & Airwaves

And everything's here to explore,
It's all unlike, the usual,
A different place but beautiful,
And it is not quite as it seems

6) "Spectators" - The Cruxshadows

and everyone will say "I told you so"
yeah they'll all just nod and sigh
as I go down in a ball of flames
they'll just watch, I wonder why

7) "Dream Team - Lazerbeak

We’re flying with the fault lines in sight
We’re racing past the tide and all the things we plan to be are all the creatures in the sea with us tonight

8) "Man on a Wire" - Garbage

Like a man on wire
I set myself on fire
Destroyer of a dream
Trying to find a spark

9) "Scars" - Moving Units

I am the weight around you (My scars are your scars)
I will be waiting to drown you (Your scars are my scars)
I will be here

10) "You've Dug Your Grave, Now Lie in It" - Kenotia

So now here we are in this place where both of us should never have to be
We put out everything, it didn't mean we wouldn't bleed

11) "Untouched and Intact" - The Honorary Title

Maybe it's time to hold onto one side, one decision
Let go of the hand that holds me high above that great divide

12) "Finally Woken" - Jem

You see I've finally woken
From a long sleep
I'm ready to jump
To make that blind leap
'Cause I now believe
I have the power in me
I've got the faith baby
I can truly be free


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