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Dear Yuletide Author:

First of all, thank you for whatever you decide to write for me - discovering my Yuletide presents has been a highlight of my holiday season for the last few years!

General requests: I'd really like something happy/hopeful. Which doesn't mean you can't include angst and trouble, but I'd really like something that has a happy and/or hopeful ending for the characters. Other than that ... really, I enjoy things across the board! Fluff, smut, AUs, domestic, adventure, et cetera; as long as it includes the characters requested being awesome with each other, I'm inclined to like it!

My few dislikes: rape/non-con, incest, sexual uses of bodily fluids that aren't normally involved in sex, abuse. I'm also not a huge fan of baby or pregnancy fic.

Okay, on to the requests!

1) Sleepy Hollow

I do, in fact, ship Ichabod and Abbie, so any kind of fluffy romance and/or smut fic would be well appreciated in this corner! Or, if you're not a shipper of that sort, I would also love a friendship fic. Or a case fic, or more of Ichabod adjusting to the 21st century ... basically, as long as Ichabod and Abbie are being snarky and adorable with each other, I'm happy. :)

2) Haven

I am strongly in favor of an Audrey/Nathan/Duke OT3. I will happily devour anything that involves the three of them in a mutually codependent triad, in or out of bed. If OT3 isn't your thing, though, I'd also gladly read some Audrey/Duke. Or even just friendship fic featuring all three of them. Whatever you choose, I'd really like to see something where they get a break from the Troubles, where they're dealing with each other without the immediate stress of imminent supernatural disaster hanging over their heads.

3) Ready Player One

I just finished reading this book, and I adored the universe. What I really, really want is fic about either Art3mis/Samantha or Aech/Helen - while Parzival/Wade is doing his thing during the story, what are they doing? What are Art3mis's methods of investigating, who else does she encounter on the way, how does her fame affect her? Or Aech, traveling around in her van, what kind of adventures and/or trouble does she get up to, in the real world or the virtual one? I need all the female character fic for this book.

4) Star Wars: The Old Republic

By the time Yuletide stories are revealed, I will hopefully be completely done playing the Imperial Agent storyline. It's a fascinating story, and I'd take any story about how the Agent deals with the incredible amount of crap that's thrown her way. I'm also super fond of Vector, and am currently trying to romance him, so I'd also love anything that allows the Agent and Vector to have some good times together, as a break from the Empire's machinations. (This is, perhaps obviously, a potential loophole in the "happy/hopeful" request from above, if you choose to write about the Agent dealing with her storyline.)

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Happy Yuletide!


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