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Some plus/minus Monday thoughts.

+ I took my therapist's advice, and got some melatonin supplements to at least help my Sunday night sleep schedule. And it worked, at least for last night! I'd almost forgotten what it was like to not wake up at least four times during the night.

- [redacted extended family stuff] :((((((

+ If you like your erotic romance to include threesomes and moresomes of a variety of gender configurations, as well as sex for fun and affection as well as for True Love, I highly recommend Kit Rocha's Beyond series. I've sped through all the full-length books, and now have to go back and get the novellas.

- Still doubting every idea I have for my Yuletide story. I need to do a canon review, and hope desperately that the canon doesn't joss whatever I decide to write before reveals. Ugh. Why did I decide to offer something so narratively dense again?

- Actually, I'm doubting every story idea I have in any context, not just Yuletide. It's a huge problem. I'm not doubting my actual writing ability, just my ability to come up with a story that's worth telling. It's paralyzing me. I'm unsure what steps I need to take to eradicate it, because at this point, 'just start writing' hasn't worked.

+ But hey, at least I managed to dye my hair yesterday, and get a couple of other tasks completed. I need to recognize small victories where I can get them right now.

Date: 2015-11-11 11:40 am (UTC)
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I routinely share these doubts. I remind myself that 'worst-case' scenario I enjoy the act of writing itself, so as long as I'm amusing myself it's a meaningful diversion. Which is one thing to say and another to believe, but the truth is if you truly worry about the quality of the work, it's probably better than you think.


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