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So, I threw my hat in the ring over at [ profile] help_pakistan, offering a fic of at least 2000 words. (But most of you know me, whatever I write is bound to be at least twice that length. ;)) I prefer to write either Inception or bandom right now, but I would also take a stab at Eleven and Amy and Rory or the Leverage gang if someone so desired! It's for a really good cause! Please, someone bid on me, so I don't feel like a loser. :D

Speaking of Inception fic, my delicious is getting out of control again. Here, have a few more recs for your weekend!

you aren't the graduate (and she isn't mrs. robinson) (Ariadne/Arthur) - I really love it when someone does an original character well, and this is wonderful. An outsider's view of the future team, with some nice character moments observed by a POV character without a clue.

untitled OT3 fic from the kink meme (Ariadne/Arthur/Eames) - five times it was just two of them, and the one time it was all three. Lovely little vignettes!

Even Game (Arthur/Eames) - They're in Japan, they play Go, Arthur rather gracefully catches a clue. :D Super sexy in a very understated way.

words, words, words (Arthur/Eames) - high school AU! I was pretty sure oversaturation in bandom had killed my desire to read any more high school AUs as long as I lived, but I was wrong. But, they're teachers in this one, so it kinda doesn't count, I guess? ;) Anyway, drama teacher Eames woos English teacher Arthur. Hilarity ensues.

Penrose Triangle (Ariadne/Arthur/Eames) - more OT3 fic! \o/ Lovely Arthur POV, from his first meeting with Eames to just after the movie ends.

untitled drunk!Eames fic from the kink meme (Arthur/Eames) - okay, so, to this day, one of my favorite bandom fics ever is the one where Patrick drunk-dials Pete, which has sadly been deleted from LJ, or I'd link it here. :( Anyway, in this one Eames continually drunk-dials Arthur, and it makes me laugh in just the same way that one did. :D

Paris, London, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Sydney, Venice (Ariadne/Arthur) - a complicated version of their relationship, interspersed with some great architectural details from each of the cities it takes place in. A gorgeous bit of writing!

Going to see the movie again tomorrow. (Hey, [ profile] northatlantic hasn't seen it yet! And she's had a shit week, so dragging her out to a movie is totally good. ;)) I suppose this obsession costs less than bandom does, as I'm only paying $10 per ticket (... and $10 for soda and popcorn every time, because I have a Pavlovian reaction to the smell of movie theater popcorn), instead of the hundreds of dollars is inevitably costs to road trip and see a band in concert 3 times.

(Dear MCR, my monies would totally belong to you if you would PUT OUT A STUPID ALBUM AND TOUR. Ahem.)

Anyway ... movie obsessions are cheaper. I'll count that as a win for the moment. :D


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