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The Blogathon is almost upon us! Lots and lots and lots of love to all who have sponsored me thus far - I'm doing far better than I ever dared hope in my first year, and it's all thanks to my awesome, awesome friends.

Come Saturday morning, at 8:00am Central Time, I will be posting like a madwoman over on my blog. I promise not to spam my LJ friends list too much - maybe an update every few hours, to get people to glance at my folly. But, whether I update over here or not, your support on Saturday would be greatly appreciated! Come, read, comment, help keep me awake and motivated!

Another reason to come over and comment? You could win prizes! Yes, I'm giving away shiny things all through the day. Prizes include:

- A Pirates of the Caribbean prize pack, straight to you from the sandy shores of Claire's Boutique.
- A Minnesota Sampler, complete with a mini-flask! How can you not want a mini-flask!
- A sex kit. No, really. ::grin::
- A beautiful handmade beaded bracelet, courtesy of the lovely and talented [ profile] northatlantic.
- Two (count 'em, two!) random six-imp samplers from my BPAL collection!

... plus more to be announced! If you want to enter, simply come over to my blog on Saturday and comment, saying you want to win! What's better? All non-anonymous sponsors get automatic entries into the drawings - one entry for every $5 they sponsor! And all numbers are rounded up! (So, someone who sponsored me for $2 an hour - $48 total - would get credit for $50, and thus 10 entries.) So, sponsor me, for more chances to win!

Sponsor Me!

I'm starting to get a little scared by all this, but at the same time, I'm excited. Who knows how Saturday is going to go? Stay tuned, and find out!


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