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I'm having one of those days where I have to remind myself that yes, indeed, I do sometimes write stuff! So, here's something I've been meaning to do for a while - a post that rounds up a bunch of random fic snippets I wrote in comments, either in my own journal or someone else's.

Jon's not having a good week. Jon/Brendon, 878 words )

for the 'Spencer needs a hug' meme. Spencer/Brendon, of a sort. 451 words )

... aaaaand, a bunch of stuff written when I did the iTunes shuffle "music is my gender neutral lover" thingy a little while back.

Patrick/Vicky-T, prompted by Gaelic Storm's 'Me and the Moon'. 420 words )

gangster AU! Featuring possible implied Gabe/Pete, prompted by Bellvue Cadillac's 'Black & White'. 363 words )

this is what happens when you combine Panic GSF with a song that references the angstiest parts of Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar trilogy. 223 words )

Jon on the bus. Gen, or Jon/Cassie, depending on how you look at it, prompted by a-ha's 'Over The Treetops'. 332 words )

Brendon/Gabe, prompted by Shawn Mullins' 'Beautiful Wreck', which is pretty much entirely perfect for the requested pairing. 283 words )

RENT AU Ryan/Spencer, because doll_revolution accidentally hit on 'What You Own' 324 words )

Ryan/Brendon, being sensual at a club, prompted by Abdel Ali Slimani's 'Moi Et Toi'. 360 words )

I think that's everything I didn't already have tagged over here. And also? Despite having three stories I'm supposed to be working on right now, I liked the results of the music meme - so, if you're in the mood for a bandom drabble, pick a character/pairing and a number between 1 and 20,858, and I'll write you a little something! (Probably not until Sunday, though. I have concerts and a movie to attend to in the meantime! :))

(PS: looking through the last meme, I realized I forgot a prompt from [ profile] geneli4! So, that one will be done on Sunday, I promise. :))
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My first foray into bandom fic. Perhaps this is the point at which I should hide, or something.

Title: Truth or Dare
Pairing: Patrick/Vicky T
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,494
Disclaimer: Not real, obviously. If you got here by Googling the name of someone you know personally, you should probably leave now.
Notes: Set during the Honda Civic Tour. Lots of love to [ profile] dragonsinger, who spent a lot of time today telling me to keep writing, while we both should have been working, of course. (But if I get fired, it's totally her fault!)

After a week of the tour, Victoria became an expert at knowing which parties to skip. )
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So, [ profile] sister_wolf wished me a happy birthday earlier, and told me she'd have gotten me Frank, Patrick, or Spencer if they didn't move so damned fast. I told her I wanted all of them in the same room together ... which then led the conversation down the merry path of crack AUs.

In which Patrick Stump and Spencer Smith are your evil overlords, with many minions, some more useful and effective than others. FOB, MCR, PatD, with special appearances by a couple of members of Cobra Starship )

Dude. We don't know, either. But it's AWESOME.

ETA: zomg, not friends locked! Because if we're on crack, everyone else should enjoy too.


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