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For I Was An Earthly Knight

Band(s): Panic at the Disco, with appearances from The Academy Is… and Pete Wentz
Pairing(s): gen, with Jon/Spencer undertones
Word Count: 21,485
Rating/: PG-13
Author Notes: Half of the credit for the plot of this story belongs to [ profile] rue_quercus, who brainstormed with me on the long drive to fangirl shenanigans in Chicago last October. She deserves more thanks than will ever be possible to give, not only for that, but for listening to me obsess about writing it over the last few months, and reading it over to assure me it made sense after I'd lost all perspective. More thanks go to [ profile] ignipes for being an awesome beta, and to [ profile] dragonsinger for being the best cheerleader in the entire world!
Summary: Once upon a time, Jon Walker's great-grandmother told him tales of faerie lords and human knights. He never thought they'd be this relevant to his adult life.

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

wind and fire, earth and sea by [ profile] brandixcyanide

Hard To Pin Down by [ profile] druidspell

once upon a time... )
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I was absolutely blessed to have two awesome people - [ profile] brandixcyanide and [ profile] druidspell - lending their creativity to my story!

[ profile] brandixcyanide made the following, and the more I look at it, the more I love it – it illustrates three totally separate parts of my story, all in one piece! I love the colors, the photo she chose, everything. I literally clapped and made stupid noises when I saw it in my email, seriously. So give her lots of love here, because she deserves it!

fanart )

My fanmix was made by the lovely [ profile] druidspell, who put together a really amazing mix of songs. When I look at fanmixes, I always look at the sound and atmosphere of the music more than the lyrical content – I think that fanmixes are meant to set the mood for the story they’re accompanying. This mix sounds exactly like I want my story to sound, melodic with a great dark undercurrent. I am totally in [ profile] druidspell’s debt for capturing it so perfectly!! But, also, not only do I have awesome songs, but she made me several pieces of cover art, too!

Hard To Pin Down (download via Sendspace)

cover art, with photo credits )

Words cannot express how deeply awesome it is to participate in this whole bit of madness – I owe these two artists so much thanks, more than I can put into words right now! So, please, if you enjoyed the story, please take the time to sample their work and give them feedback! It’s totally worth it, trust me. :)


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