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Day 2

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

You all know I'm almost exclusively reading in Dragon Age right now. I'm going to rec there - because I love the fandom and these stories and I think everyone should get into it the way I have. And because I read somewhat rarer pairings that need more attention. So there. :D

First, I'll finally take the opportunity to rec a fic that I read last week and ADORED. War Is Never Cheap Here, by [ profile] cherith and [ profile] serindrana. Dragon Age, Teagan/Cauthrien, set post-Origins. Summary: Bann Teagan has been corresponding on and off with the Lady Cousland for the past eight months; Queen Anora sends her watchdog, the dreaded Ser Cauthrien, to investigate. It's a rare pairing, nearly 100,000 words, and it's AMAZING. I read it on my Nook, and honest to god, I occasionally forgot I wasn't reading a published novel. It's the story of two people who were more than a little affected by a war that ravaged their country - who were on opposite sides of the conflict - and how they each have moved on (or haven't moved on). It's a fantastic romance in which sexual intimacy comes relatively easily, but emotional intimacy is decidedly more complicated. The ending legitimately made me choke up, which I can't say about many fics.

Seriously. Read it. It's worth your time.

Through These Pages, by Defira. Marian Hawke/Cullen. So, back in the fall, I was reading fic almost exclusively on the kink meme. I found the beginning of this fic and started tracking it, despite the fact that I wasn't terribly keen on Cullen at that point. This fic changed that ENTIRELY. I'm a sucker for epistolary fic, and fic that has delicious sexual tension and eventually even more delicious sex, and this one hits every single one of those buttons. Marian and Cullen are delightfully combative at first, but their anonymous letters get more and more intimate at the same time as their attraction gets more and more apparent. And then there's sex. And it's awesome. :D

Knots, by ... well, anonymous here, though I know the author has posted the first story in this series on AO3 under their name, which I can't remember at this moment. (Someone can feel free to chime in if they know, though, and I will edit!) Marian Hawke/Nathaniel Howe. The first story - "Missives" - is another amazing epistolary fic, but I'm reccing this one because it's SO HOT, I still have to fan myself when I think about it. There is bondage and dirty talk and oh god, just read it. I want to read about this Marian and Nathaniel and their sexual adventures FOREVER.

... and there. Witness pretty much all of my favorite fic tropes displayed in three amazing fics. Read them. Love them. :D
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So, [personal profile] tuesdaysgone linked to the Fandom Snowflake Challenge, which is a really awesome idea and one I think will be a great way to start the year (and to start posting over here again on a more consistent basis)! As it's the 2nd, I'll have to do two posts today, but you guys will forgive me for spamming, right?


Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

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Tangentially, I really want to write something in Dragon Age fandom that I feel as strongly about as I feel about the above works, but it hasn't happened yet. The zombie apocalypse story might turn out to be the one, judging by my current level of enthusiasm. Here's hoping! :D


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