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Title: faster than a heartbeat
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick, various background/past pairings
Word Count: 21,446 words
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Clandestine Station is the end of nowhere - a mining station located on a remote ice planet, far away from any other populated system, with no breathable oxygen and very little contact with the rest of the galaxy. In short, it's Patrick's worst nightmare ... and he's just been assigned to work there.

When he arrives, however, he finds the station populated by a surprisingly cheerful bunch of people, all of whom welcome him with open arms. Patrick fits in better than he ever expected, thanks in large part to Pete, Clandestine's de facto manager. Patrick just might have a raging crush on his new boss, not that he intends to tell him about it.

Eventually, though, Patrick gets exactly what he wanted: a transfer to a far more civilized planet. Only ... he's not entirely sure he wants it any more. When a disastrous storm strikes Clandestine, Patrick is forced to confront his deepest fears and decide once and for all - does he want to go home, or is he already there?

Notes: Many thanks to both [ profile] ignipes and [ profile] prettykitty_aya, who read an early draft when I was tearing my hair out and gave me enough encouragement to get on with the damned thing already. And as always, all the love in the world goes to [ profile] tuesdaysgone, who read and cheered me on at various stages, fixed my grammar and spelling at the end, and is generally awesome in every way. :) Title is stolen from The Alternate Routes' "Carry Me Home."

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Artwork by [ profile] xlindziex

Any Kind of Destination by [ profile] queen_of_goat
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Title: Just To Know You're Alive
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: ~24,000
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This story would not exist without [ profile] tuesdaysgone, who has read more versions of some of these scenes than I care to count and somehow didn't kill me in the process. She also fixed my rampant horde of roaming commas, for which I am extremely grateful. :) Much love also goes to [ profile] tigs and [ profile] ignipes, who both read and encouraged and helped fix some of my stupid mistakes. All three of them should possibly be canonized for putting up with me. The title quotes the Goo Goo Dolls. Judge if you must.

Patrick turned around to face Pete, and Pete started talking. "You can disappear into thin air. You can get into someone's head and make them do things. You rarely leave your basement. And, apparently, unless someone slipped acid into my drink tonight, you drink blood." Pete stopped in front of Patrick, who wore an expression like a caged animal. "Are you a motherfucking vampire?"

Pete watched Patrick swallow. "There's no such thing as vampires," he finally answered, his voice shaky.

you bleed just to know you're alive )
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I'm having one of those days where I have to remind myself that yes, indeed, I do sometimes write stuff! So, here's something I've been meaning to do for a while - a post that rounds up a bunch of random fic snippets I wrote in comments, either in my own journal or someone else's.

Jon's not having a good week. Jon/Brendon, 878 words )

for the 'Spencer needs a hug' meme. Spencer/Brendon, of a sort. 451 words )

... aaaaand, a bunch of stuff written when I did the iTunes shuffle "music is my gender neutral lover" thingy a little while back.

Patrick/Vicky-T, prompted by Gaelic Storm's 'Me and the Moon'. 420 words )

gangster AU! Featuring possible implied Gabe/Pete, prompted by Bellvue Cadillac's 'Black & White'. 363 words )

this is what happens when you combine Panic GSF with a song that references the angstiest parts of Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar trilogy. 223 words )

Jon on the bus. Gen, or Jon/Cassie, depending on how you look at it, prompted by a-ha's 'Over The Treetops'. 332 words )

Brendon/Gabe, prompted by Shawn Mullins' 'Beautiful Wreck', which is pretty much entirely perfect for the requested pairing. 283 words )

RENT AU Ryan/Spencer, because doll_revolution accidentally hit on 'What You Own' 324 words )

Ryan/Brendon, being sensual at a club, prompted by Abdel Ali Slimani's 'Moi Et Toi'. 360 words )

I think that's everything I didn't already have tagged over here. And also? Despite having three stories I'm supposed to be working on right now, I liked the results of the music meme - so, if you're in the mood for a bandom drabble, pick a character/pairing and a number between 1 and 20,858, and I'll write you a little something! (Probably not until Sunday, though. I have concerts and a movie to attend to in the meantime! :))

(PS: looking through the last meme, I realized I forgot a prompt from [ profile] geneli4! So, that one will be done on Sunday, I promise. :))
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Title: Sleepless in Chicago (2/6)
Pairing: Pete/Patrick (Pete/Ryan, Patrick/Brendon)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~4300 for the chapter.
Notes: continued thanks to [ profile] dragonsinger for the beta!

Chapter One

chapter two )
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::takes a deep breath:: Okay, here it is, kids, the beginning of my [ profile] romanticbandom story. Which is now very late, and still in process, but I plan to be done with all six parts by the middle of March! This is the plan, and my determined face, and all that.

If you like reading WIPs, feedback is love, naturally!

Title: Sleepless in Chicago (1/6)
Pairing: Pete/Patrick (Pete/Ryan, Patrick/Brendon)
Rating: PG-13, mostly for language
Word Count: This chapter clocks in around 4,800 words. Yeah, this whole thing's going to be epic.
Notes: Again, for [ profile] romanticbandom, in which I obviously chose Sleepless in Seattle. Lots of love to [ profile] dragonsinger for the beta, and to [ profile] rue_quercus for listening to me ramble about this at odd intervals!
Summary: AU. Patrick is a widower and young father. Pete is an advertising exec with a boring relationship. When Patrick's daughter makes a call to a radio shrink, lives intersect and shenanigans ensue.

Sleepless in Chicago, Chapter One )

Chapter Two
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Title: A Place to Land
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: girl!Joe/Pete (with a side of Pete/Ashlee)
Word Count: 2798
Notes: Written for [ profile] turnyourankle for [ profile] dragonsinger's Bandom Het Fic Exchange. I possibly made up my own early FOB canon, too, but what the hell, as long as I'm genderbending ... ;) Lots and lots of love to [ profile] rue_quercus for helping me along with this one!
Standard Disclaimer: Not real, duh. If you think you or someone you know appears within, you should probably leave now. No, really.
Summary: “Reporters are all assholes,” Pete said, sitting down next to Jo.

“So are you.”

“Yeah, but you love me anyway.”

“Yeah, that’s the bitch of it, isn’t it?”

A Place To Land )
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... or, what I did on my holiday vacation. Because apparently nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like threesome porn! This one is a belated gift for [ profile] shutyourface, who sent me some lovely text messages - in one of them, she proclaimed her love for both Patrick/Spencer and Patrick/Brendon. I'm not sure what was happening in my head - other than abject boredom - but I immediately thought "hey, why can't we have it all?" Thus ... threesome porn!

If you're looking for anything more meaningful than porn ... this isn't the story for you. ;)

Title: Never Happened
Rating: NC-17. See above.
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer/Patrick
Word Count: 3384. What, use too many words, me? NEVER.
Warning: Not real. If this story is about you or someone you know, go away.
Summary: Um, see above. Brendon's not that kind of guy. He’d never imagine his friends having sex with each other. Really.

Brendon knew that Spencer and Patrick had a … thing )
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How about some videos from Wednesday night's show? The video quality is all right - a little far away, but clear enough, with the usual "operator steadiness" caveats - but the audio turned out better than I expected, given how barn-like the arena was!

First up - Gym Class Heroes, "Clothes Off", which is mostly a video of Patrick skipping and strutting and singing his little heart out. Watch particularly for the point at which Travis introduces Patrick in the middle of the song - I love how Patrick doesn't particularly want the attention, wants to stay behind at let the rest of the band take the forefront. He's so cute. :)

Clothes Off )

Sugar We're Goin Down )

Next song is intro'd by Pete extolling the virtues of his current painkiller prescriptions. Nice.

Grand Theft Autumn )

Next, Pete talks about being famous for being naked on the internet. If you listen closely, you can hear [ profile] sister_wolf saying "he mentions it every time! it's like a compulsion!" Heh.

The (After) Life of the Party )

The Take Over, The Break's Over )

Next song, complete with kiss!

Mr. Brightside )

Acoustic break!

Golden )

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner )

Last one - may not quite be live yet, as it failed to upload once, but check back if you can't see it. :) Okay, YouTube apparently hates "Saturday". Boo hiss. Oh, well.
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At the moment, I'm listening to some of the bands I'm going to see tonight, and I might sorta be in love with World/Inferno Friendship Society. We'll see how they are live, but their music is a TON of fun!

Anyway. There was more Fall Out Boy on Wednesday night! [ profile] sister_wolf, [ profile] leighblack and I left town on Wednesday morning; okay drive, except for the part where the heavens opened and started spitting white stuff about an hour outside of Cedar Rapids. Yay, welcome to winter. One more logistical problem to being in Cedar Rapids - apparently, a water main broke in town on Wednesday, so the whole city was on boil orders. This necessitated things like buying a bottle of water out of a vending machine so we could brush our teeth before bed, and the bar we hung out at serving soda only out of cans. So, if I get dysentery from washing my hands or something, blame Iowa.

So, the whole arena was general admission. I'm not sure whose bright idea this is, but we'll blame Pete, since that's what one does when FOB is involved. ;) I mean, the US Cellular Center is small and all, but forcing everyone to run for spots? Not very cool, with this crowd. The floor actually scared the shit out of me, watching it from above. (For this, we can also blame Pete, for real. Stay tuned.) When we walked into the building, the line wasn't that bad. We decided to fortify ourselves with alcohol and food from the bar downstairs, so we left. An hour later ... the line was INSANE. I sorta freaked out a little, because lines and I aren't very good friends, but we eventually got in and sat down in the upper level - not my first choice, but the arena wasn't set up very well in the seats. I ended up being somewhat zen about it - we could see just fine, and it was nice and low-key up where we were. And, at least we weren't getting killed on the floor. Advantages all around!

We amused ourselves during the opening acts by trying to get text messages on the big screen. Apparently, they were censoring any mention of furries out. But, we did get them to display "we respect you Patrick!!" several times, which made a nice counterpoint to the nine million "ZOMG I LUV U PETE!!1!!!1" messages. Hee! Leigh also made with the random Journey lyrics, which is never a bad idea. :) There was also a couple of trips to the merch booth. I ended up with the purple shirt with crabs, which I was doubtful about when I first saw it, but as it turns out is pretty cute! I was also interested in the pink "long live the car crash hearts" shirt, but Alex got that one, and it's bad for people who live together to also have the same clothing. ;)

Therefore, I don't have much commentary on the opening acts. I pretty much ignored Cute Is What We Aim For entirely. The Plain White T's are good - I'd see them play their own show, probably - but Leigh is right when she pegs them as a total one hit wonder. They'll appear on a VH1 countdown sometime five years from now, mark my words. Gym Class Heroes were once again entertaining - thank you, Travis, for substituting a speech about how cool parents are to bring their kids to shows like this for the one you made in Chicago about your foot fetish. And, there was once again Patrick during "Clothes Off", which is all I ask. :)

FOB ... you know, Pete's not as entertaining when he's hobbled. The one-foot bounce is kind of fun, but mostly, he's not the one you watch when he's not moving around all over the place. It was nice to see Patrick from in front, because watching him rock out when he doesn't have to be at the mic is fantastic. But, mostly, Joe was the one keeping my attention - hard not to look at him, when he's the one running back and forth, headbanging and encouraging the audience and everything.

(However! Watching Joe most of the night made me realize exactly how many of the major guitar parts are actually played by Patrick - sometimes, when something that resembled a guitar solo would hit, I'd be watching Joe, and realize halfway in that he wasn't the one playing it. It was interesting.)

(Meanwhile, after the show: Leigh: "Does Pete actually know how to play bass? Because I know enough bass players to know that you don't actually strum a bass." Alex: "Um, well ..." Me: "Not really, no. Pete's usually mostly there for screaming and crowd control.")

I was a little surprised at Pete, actually - knowing that he usually is the first one to tell an unruly pit crowd to back the hell up and let people breathe, I wasn't expecting him to send one of his friends into the crowd to start a circle pit. That pit crowd was already scary - they were pulling fainting girls out just one song into CIWWAF's set, and they didn't stop all night. So, getting an actual mosh pit started around all the 13-year-old girls? Not the best idea, dude. Perhaps the secret show this week made him nostalgic for the old days or something? Who knows, but I was once again triply glad we were lounging up in seats.

Same set list as usual, nothing big or different to report about the show. I got a bunch of videos, that appear to be pretty good despite being taken from high above! This includes "Mr. Brightside", because I'm dorky enough to want footage of the kiss. :) YouTube goodness to come later, after everything's converted and uploaded. It was, all in all, a great time - we danced in our seats, we sang, we laughed, we didn't drink the water. And then, we drove home yesterday and made like Thanksgiving zombies. Good times!
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My first foray into bandom fic. Perhaps this is the point at which I should hide, or something.

Title: Truth or Dare
Pairing: Patrick/Vicky T
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,494
Disclaimer: Not real, obviously. If you got here by Googling the name of someone you know personally, you should probably leave now.
Notes: Set during the Honda Civic Tour. Lots of love to [ profile] dragonsinger, who spent a lot of time today telling me to keep writing, while we both should have been working, of course. (But if I get fired, it's totally her fault!)

After a week of the tour, Victoria became an expert at knowing which parties to skip. )

fob photos

Oct. 23rd, 2007 10:00 pm
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Last post about Saturday's concert, I swear. :)

Photos of varying quality. Some of them included just because they amuse me in one way or another. Mostly, this turned out to be a tribute to the awesomeness of Joe Trohman. Fewer pictures of that Wentz kid than one would expect!

but mostly, it's Joe. And Patrick. Rare Andy appearances, because drummers are hard to catch on film! )

There are a few other random shots in the gallery, if you are so interested!
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The weekend review!

Friday: [ profile] sister_wolf and I left work early, and stopped in Madison to have dinner with [ profile] lovelokest and [ profile] fairestcat. I'd actually met them before - they stayed at our house in March - but, as March 2007 wasn't my most fabulous month ever (to put it mildly), I was pretty much a complete antisocial hermit at the time. So, it was nice to meet them again, in a better headspace! :) We stayed talking fannish things for a bit longer than we intended, so we got into Illinois fairly late.

Saturday: Up early-ish, as we were meeting folks for lunch at noon near the arena, and we were 30 miles or so away. Spent a few hours sitting at Chili's with [ profile] moryssa, [ profile] fairestcat, and [ profile] shrift, talking various geeky things. Eventually, the latter two left to join the ever-growing GA floor line at the arena, while the rest of us spent a leisurely afternoon at Coldstone Creamery and IHOP. Around six, [ profile] moryssa left us, and [ profile] sister_wolf and I headed over to the arena to check out our seats. Which were actually pretty awesome - I would have liked to be a little closer to the opposite side of the section, as we mostly had a back view of everyone (we were about parallel with Andy's drum riser). But, back views aren't always a bad thing. :) Also, we were about thirty feet from the stage, with a view only obstructed by a couple of speakers and cables. Also, we were behind the speakers, which I suspect helped with the sound. I was happy with it, anyway!

the concert, which might be a little long to scroll past on your friends list. thus, a cut, because I'm nice that way! )

I’m sure there was more I meant to mention, but it’s gone now. We met back up with folks after the show - plus one more person, who I think is an LJ type, but I didn't catch her name - and sat at IHOP with about a hundred other people who were waiting out the traffic.

Sunday: Lunch. And then home, but not before I managed to run over the mailbox. ::facepalm:: I'm a good driver, I swear. Also, note to self: if you go through Wisconsin again in the near future, think about taking 90 all the way, rather than 94, because that one-lane stretch near Eau Claire SUCKS ASS.

So! That was our weekend. I can't wait to see the show again in Cedar Rapids. It probably won't have the same energy as a hometown crowd, but there will be the bonus of seeing it from the front. :D And now, I am dead, and need another weekend to recover from my weekend. Please?

fob audio

Oct. 22nd, 2007 07:07 am
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Concert review later. Music files now! A rare unlocked post - I don't care if people take these files, pass them around, share the love! Just, not with people who are going to be dicks and TOS me off of Sendspace, please.

All mp4, because I lack the codec to convert them to mp3, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now. The audio turned out pretty spectacularly, though, so I'm happy! For those who haven't been playing along at home, all are from Fall Out Boy's Saturday night show in Chicago.

Mr. Brightside. I think Patrick doesn't quite know the words. Either that, or I'm forgetting them. I'd have to listen to the original to really be sure.
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me. Long-ish intro, during which Pete decides the audience needs to do the wave for him.
Xo. I actually couldn't remember I'd gotten this song, so it was a nice surprise for [ profile] sister_wolf, as it's her favorite song. :)
Golden. Acoustic, just Patrick and his guitar. Insert dreamy fangirl sigh here.
Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner. More acoustic, this time with the whole band.

Why do I have to go to work now? ::sobs::
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So, [ profile] sister_wolf wished me a happy birthday earlier, and told me she'd have gotten me Frank, Patrick, or Spencer if they didn't move so damned fast. I told her I wanted all of them in the same room together ... which then led the conversation down the merry path of crack AUs.

In which Patrick Stump and Spencer Smith are your evil overlords, with many minions, some more useful and effective than others. FOB, MCR, PatD, with special appearances by a couple of members of Cobra Starship )

Dude. We don't know, either. But it's AWESOME.

ETA: zomg, not friends locked! Because if we're on crack, everyone else should enjoy too.


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