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Monday again.

- I've been off Tumblr since ... last Tuesday? Wednesday? And honestly, I feel a million times better. I don't know specifically what it is, but for some reason I've reached my breaking point with the way people interact on Tumblr (at least in my corner of it, anyway). I've been getting my social media fix on Twitter, and for the most part, it's felt much healthier. I did take a hiatus on Friday/Saturday, because the amount of Paris speculation and misinformation really got to me, but for the most part it's worked better for my current mindset.

- We finally got rid of all the old bookshelves and furniture that have been cluttering up our house/garage for YEARS on Saturday. It feels AMAZING. Well, except for the part where I'm so out of shape that I still hurt today from the lifting and moving on Saturday morning. But still.

(I am the complete opposite of a hoarder. I want to get rid of EVERYTHING. If it's not working, if it doesn't do me any good right now, if it doesn't serve a purpose, GET IT OUT. Clutter makes me anxious, makes me feel lethargic and hopeless. I need space to breathe more than I need a second winter coat, or more shelves in which to allow my physical belongings to spread out.)

- Yesterday, the group of us started our new Numenera campaign, which is shaping up to be super fun. I'm loving Numenera as a system in general - the rules system allows for more storytelling and character development and fewer 3 hour battles that depend on the whims of the dice. Also, the setting lets you go in whatever genre direction you want - non-technological fantasy, apocalyptic sci-fi or horror, steampunkish weird science ... you name it, you can probably play it. I'm looking forward to getting more into the game.

- I've reached the uncomfortable point in my therapy where I can't tell if I'm on the verge of breaking through my own stubbornness and blocks, or if my therapist is not understanding what I really need. This is usually where I just abandon therapy all together, but I'm trying to push through this time, at least until or unless I figure out that the latter is true. We'll see.

Happy Monday, all. How are you?
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Happy album release day for, well, the entire flipping world! New music from Carbon Leaf, Chris Thile, and the Duhks to be had! Well, as soon as Amazon coughs up the goods. They did ship the Carbon Leaf album yesterday, though, so maybe I'll have it by the end of the week? Because I'm far too cheap to pay for the nice shipping. The other two shipped Friday, though, so I'm hopeful they'll arrive today or tomorrow. Maybe. If I wish hard enough.

I finished the second book in my historical romance experiment yesterday ... Black Silk, by Judith Ivory. I'm still kinda processing what I thought of it. It's excellently written, and draws a vivid portrait of three very interesting, very flawed individuals, all of whom feel incredibly realistic for the time period. As a romance, however? I'm not sure. The end didn't feel entirely satisfying to me - it didn't feel like the two main characters had built up enough trust and respect to really warrant the happy ending. Like I said, it felt very realistic, but I don't really go to romance novels for realism. So ... I think I'd recommend this book, because it held me captivated for three days. Just don't expect anyone between the pages to be entirely heroic!

So ... after visiting with [ profile] slicklizard41 last night, I find myself randomly in the mood to play video games. Unfortunately, the only games I have for my PS2 are DDR Extreme and the random copy of Sims 2 that was abandoned in the console when I took it. I never have been able to figure out how to play Sims ... so, can anyone recommend any good games for PS2? Adventure-ish games, preferrably, or puzzle games. I'm not much for racing cars or shooting people or anything like that. Alternately, a Sims tutorial might be nice, too, if I can find the damned game now. ;)

It's going to be in the 60s today! Who would have thought that, in the beginning of September, that'd be a warming trend?


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