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I woke up feeling a little fragile - damn those end-of-vacation blues, coupled with my unhealthy tendency to compare myself to others. But, as I read my friends list, I discovered that today is More Joy Day, and that seems like the perfect idea for a cold, gloomy Thursday, so I'm going to try spending the day concentrating on that instead. :)

First up - some [ profile] no_tags recs. I may not know who wrote the following stories, but they made me happy yesterday, so the authors deserve some props! :D

Up up down down left right left right B A start - super hot Mikey/Alicia porn, for the prompt "coming off the road." I love their easy dynamic in this story. Also, did I mention it's hot? Because it is.

9½ Things to Do With a Time Machine and Panic! at the Disco - gen, Doctor Who crossover. I laughed the entire way through this story. It's BRILLIANT. Don't miss it!

Glitter, Stars, and Matchbox Cars - Ashlee/Travis, prompt "early childhood educators." This story is so adorable, I can't possibly tell you. And I hadn't ever thought about how hot the idea of Ashlee/Travis would be, but damn if it isn't.

Smells Like Sunshine - Ashlee/Victoria, prompt "space opera." Because, well, SPACE OPERA. ♥ And the details and characterization here are just lovely.

Drums and Monsters - Frank/Gerard, prompt "vampires and werewolves, oh my!" This is the kind of universe I want a million stories in. It feels like the beginning of an epic tale.

Romantic Victories of Peter the Great - Pete/Mikey, prompt "college AU." Short and adorable. I love Mikey the math major quite a lot. :D

That's just a few of the stories I've bookmarked so far, and there are a whole bunch from last night I haven't read yet! This has turned out to be an awesome, awesome challenge so far. :D

More Joy Day. It's a beautiful idea. Let's make it happen! :)


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