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So, I had some mental debates about how to classify my big bang, which led me to some other thoughts, and now I'm curious about the reading habits of others! I'm thinking in bandom right now, obviously, but I'd be interested in comparing and contrasting other fandoms, too, so everyone who reads fanfic should feel free to answer! And point people in this direction, too, because I'd love to get a large-ish sample.

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Thoughts? Questions? Did I phrase something really weird? Let me know!
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Yeah, yeah, I'm going to write/edit eventually this afternoon. First, though, more (unlocked) meta, rambling thoughts on posts seen everywhere on LJ and JF lately.

(First, though, I must say that the f_w thread about Atlantis fandom provided hours and hours of entertainment - so many ten-cent words and fandom flounces and journal deletions, and I still have absolutely NO IDEA what the original kerfuffle was about! That's fantastic! I have no desire to be in a fandom with any one of those people, but man, do they provide entertainment when they get going.)

Ahem. Anyway. Feedback. Many people are getting their backs up about feedback - the definition, what constitutes good and bad feedback, and how authors are "supposed" to feel when they do or don't get feedback. This would be my "fuck it, no one cares, but I'm going to tell you how I feel anyway" post.

the definition is everything )
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This was a week for fandom meta, wasn't it? So many conversations going on, most of them civil and/or intelligent in one form or another. Different people brought many different thoughts to my mind. I argued seemingly opposite sides of discussions, thanks to my maddening astrological tendency to see all sides of everything. ;) But, ideas begat thoughts begat theories ... I've been sitting on a few for a few days.

Thus, behind the cut, my first attempt at articulating some of those thoughts. I might even unlock these posts, because, hey, discussion is fun. But, anyway, inside, we talk about whether LJ makes fandom larger or smaller than back in the old-school mailing list/Usenet days, whether ship/pairing wars are killing fandom, and my personal pet theory that the Mary Sue Report communities are the most destructive thing to ever happen to fic fandom.

much rambling ahead, proceed with caution )

Wow. Long. Very long. And that's only the first part of what I wanted to talk about. Whoo, feeling all meta and wanky and shit. Go me! Or something. Heh.


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