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Title: i'm a birdie on the wing
Rating: PG
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 4,688
Notes: Written for [ profile] merihn for the [ profile] help_pakistan charity auction. Her list of requests included Brendon/Spencer and high school AUs, so I hope this fits something she was looking for! :) Thanks to [ profile] tuesdaysgone for the beta! Title stolen shamelessly from A Chorus Line.

Summary: High school AU! Spencer had no idea how he ended up in show choir.

i'm a birdie on the wing )
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Title: Good Enough For Me
Pairing: Panic GSF
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4,000
Summary: Brendon gets an un-birthday gift, one designed to give him everything he ever wanted.

Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] jezzabe in a holiday fic exchange. The prompts I got basically said that she wanted fluff and porn. This contains porn and about the silliest premise I could come up with, so here's hoping it fits what she was looking for! :) Lots and lots of love to [ profile] worldsalone for the beta, [ profile] foxxcub for making the whole exchange happen, and to [ profile] carleton97 and [ profile] rue_quercus for not only reading it, but putting up with me while I whined and obsessed. You can also blame [ profile] carleton97 for the fact that the title quotes Cookie Monster. ;)

Here, just try one, I promise they're worth your while. )
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Title: Carry Moonbeams Home in a Jar
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ryan/Spencer
Word Count: ~4100 words
Notes: The concept of "aliens made them do it" came up in someone's journal a while ago, and, well, this eventually happened. It's kind of ridiculous, but what about this fandom isn't? Anyway, much love to [ profile] wordsalone for the beta!

Spencer was fifteen the first time he saw the shooting star. )
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... before I immerse myself in cleaning, though, here, have a bit of fic!

Title: A Rose is a Rose
Pairing: Greta/Jon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,518
Summary: Library AU! Greta has a secret admirer.
Notes: Indulgent AU fluffiness written for [ profile] dragonsinger's birthday. :)

Greta is untangling her messenger bag from the seatbelt of her car when Spencer yells. “Hey, Greta, come see this!” )
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I'm having one of those days where I have to remind myself that yes, indeed, I do sometimes write stuff! So, here's something I've been meaning to do for a while - a post that rounds up a bunch of random fic snippets I wrote in comments, either in my own journal or someone else's.

Jon's not having a good week. Jon/Brendon, 878 words )

for the 'Spencer needs a hug' meme. Spencer/Brendon, of a sort. 451 words )

... aaaaand, a bunch of stuff written when I did the iTunes shuffle "music is my gender neutral lover" thingy a little while back.

Patrick/Vicky-T, prompted by Gaelic Storm's 'Me and the Moon'. 420 words )

gangster AU! Featuring possible implied Gabe/Pete, prompted by Bellvue Cadillac's 'Black & White'. 363 words )

this is what happens when you combine Panic GSF with a song that references the angstiest parts of Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar trilogy. 223 words )

Jon on the bus. Gen, or Jon/Cassie, depending on how you look at it, prompted by a-ha's 'Over The Treetops'. 332 words )

Brendon/Gabe, prompted by Shawn Mullins' 'Beautiful Wreck', which is pretty much entirely perfect for the requested pairing. 283 words )

RENT AU Ryan/Spencer, because doll_revolution accidentally hit on 'What You Own' 324 words )

Ryan/Brendon, being sensual at a club, prompted by Abdel Ali Slimani's 'Moi Et Toi'. 360 words )

I think that's everything I didn't already have tagged over here. And also? Despite having three stories I'm supposed to be working on right now, I liked the results of the music meme - so, if you're in the mood for a bandom drabble, pick a character/pairing and a number between 1 and 20,858, and I'll write you a little something! (Probably not until Sunday, though. I have concerts and a movie to attend to in the meantime! :))

(PS: looking through the last meme, I realized I forgot a prompt from [ profile] geneli4! So, that one will be done on Sunday, I promise. :))
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I have finally finished this story to my own satisfaction! This started because of those initial drunk!Panic-at-AK47 pics, lo these many weeks ago. I think I may have written a brief bit in the comments of [ profile] harriet_vane's journal, and then promptly shelved it in favor of obsessing over my big bang.

This story, however, is dedicated to [ profile] shutyourface, because she claimed it as her own. :)

Title comes from Motion City Soundtrack's "Make Out Kids", pretty much only because it was the song I started humming while I finished it. :)

Title: hooray for the madness
Rating: PG-13, mostly for language
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Word Count: 2,958
Summary: Drunken shenanigans always have consequences.

hooray for the madness )
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I was going to do a more coherent review of last night's show, but then I got two and a half hours of sleep. Yawn. So, have some random thoughts, and then some pictures and video. How about that?

- Phantom Planet: was ... odd. Their lead singer has an assload of charisma, and a couple of their songs sounded really catchy. But, they only played like four songs, choosing to spend what was probably the length of an entire other song vamping with other musicians on stage. While I don't mind surprise!Ryan or Hushies in superhero masks, it also didn't give me much time to form an opinion of PP as a band.

- Hushies in superhero masks, though, were completely made of win! (Apparently they decided to raid the Toys R Us next door sometime during the day.) I don't remember what masks Darren and Chris had on, but Greta was either Batman or Catwoman, and Bob spent the whole song banging on a drum with a gigantic rubber Hulk hand.

- The Hush Sound: completely awesome, cannot WAIT for their headlining show in July! They have phenomenal energy onstage. I missed their last couple of songs, though, in a foolish attempt to reach the merch booth. I didn't feel like waiting in the half-hour-long line, but then I had to bowl over about a dozen people to get back to my spot. Yeah, you morons were the ones who decided standing on the stairs was a good idea, don't give me the fucking death glare when I actually want to USE them.

- Motion City Soundtrack: is one of my favorite bands in the entire universe, and I will hear no bad about them ever. ;) There is NOTHING like one of their shows for me. They might have gotten a longer set for being at home, because their set felt just as long as the Panic set to me! I didn't look at my phone, though, for time, so I don't know. Anyway, entirely made of win, as usual. They played "Time Turned Fragile", which is one of my favorite songs ever, so I was happy!

- Panic! Not too much interesting to report in the way of onstage banter - mostly, it was just a lot of rambling that had [ profile] leighblack leaning over to me and asking, "um, there must be a lot of ... fumes on their bus, right?" The best part was when Spencer decided to answer a question we were asking earlier in the show - usually, there are two gigantic air vents in the ceiling at Myth, and when the pit gets too hot, they spray (very loud) cold air all over the crowd. Nothing doing last night, though. Well, apparently someone forgot to fill the CO2 tanks over the holiday, which Spencer proclaimed "fucking BULLSHIT", like it was a personal insult to him or something. Hee. Ryan, meanwhile, was super-animated (for Ryan), and Jon was apparently holding his own private dance party over on his side of the stage. (Oh, yes, and he informed us that this was the "600,000th time" they've played "I Write Sins ..." Heh. Yes, we get it, you guys hate that song now. Sucks to be you.) But mostly, since I had a clear view, I watched Spencer a lot. I find myself unreasonably amused by the fact that he treats every song - even "Folkin' Around" - like it's a punk song, in terms of energy. I love him a lot, you guys.

Anyway. Have some photos and video!

a few semi-crappy photos )

some not-quite-as-crappy videos )

In conclusion, a good time was had by all! And now I'm going to go to work and die. Happy Wednesday!
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There will be no concert tonight after all. The snowpocalypse is upon us, and [ profile] leighblack and I, while we love Cary Brothers a lot, aren't passionate enough about him or anyone else on the bill to risk our lives on the highway. ::shakes fist at Mother Nature::

Anyway, I'm spending part of my evening instead ripping audio from the Panic AT&T Blue Room performance. and I'm babbling, too, while I'm at it )

And here, have some mp3s from the whole thing, since I finally got Total Recorder to be my bitch again!

Nine in the Afternoon
But It's Better If You Do
Do You Know What I'm Seeing?
That Green Gentleman
I Have Friends In Holy Spaces
I Write Sins Not Tragedies
When The Day Met The Night

The rest of my night will either consist of more Torchwood or Guitar Hero. There should be writing in there somewhere, too, but I'm not making any promises.
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Another snippet to save for posterity. Or something. :) There was a discussion going on over in [ profile] harriet_vane's journal about the footage of Brendon getting bottled at Leeds, and how angry Jon looked while everyone was huddled around Brendon, and how there needed to be more angry!Jon in fic, rather than just laid back!Jon. And, well, this happened.

gen. there's anger and then Brendon cuddling! )

Meanwhile, elsewhere, [ profile] ignipes is talking a space opera AU and I am VERY HAPPY. :D
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When [ profile] rue_quercus walked in tonight, I said, "You know what? This album is the soundtrack to the oddest Broadway musical ever written." Which is a compliment! I have an absolute weakness for Broadway-sounding power pop. There's something about the sheer scope of this album that reminds me of Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell, which was one of my favorites in high school. Neither album is ground-breaking; Meatloaf was ripping himself off, which Panic are "ripping off" (in a manner of speaking) lots of 60s-era bands that they've just enthusiastically discovered. But, both albums deliver over-the-top bombastic pop music, songs you can sing at the top of your lungs and dance like a horrible white person to and hum for hours and hours after you turn the CD off. As I've probably mentioned before, I have no indie cred, and have very little patience for those who hold theirs dear. So, I have no problem admitting that Pretty. Odd. is a really fun example of bombastic pop music!

some more specific reactions, and maybe some reactions to reactions? )
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Title: Best Laid Plans
Rating: R
Pairing: Panic GSF! With a particular turn towards Ryan/Brendon, but mostly it's a group effort.
Word Count: 2952
Notes: Blame [ profile] harriet_vane, it was her idea. ::grin:: Much love to [ profile] sparkfrost and [ profile] ignipes, who helped eradicate some of my particularly bad phrasing!
Summary: Brendon's partying a little hard these days. Spencer has a Plan. Ryan's not entirely on board.

Ryan woke up to the sight of half a Brendon in the narrow hallway outside of his bunk )
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Because it felt like a good way to end a Friday afternoon, and because a cautious search of [ profile] patd (cautious, because that community sorta scares me) didn't turn it up anywhere, I ended up scanning the three pages of the Panic Blender phone interview thing. Link, pass it on, do what you will - the quality isn't the best, because the scanner at work is about a million years old, but still! Cute!

Huge fucking files, too big to even post under a cut, so we're just going to do links.

Page One - Brendon does a pretty kickass handstand; however, Ryan has really awful cartwheel form. And Spencer never wears a pair of socks twice.

Page Two - Brendon and Jon (and Shane) road trip to LA! And Ryan substitutes alcohol for Ambien in a pinch.

Page Three - They're apparently more obsessed with groupies and fans than the groupies and fans are with them. Heh. Also, Spencer and Pete go on a date. What? Tell me that's not what that picture looks like. :)
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... or, what I did on my holiday vacation. Because apparently nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like threesome porn! This one is a belated gift for [ profile] shutyourface, who sent me some lovely text messages - in one of them, she proclaimed her love for both Patrick/Spencer and Patrick/Brendon. I'm not sure what was happening in my head - other than abject boredom - but I immediately thought "hey, why can't we have it all?" Thus ... threesome porn!

If you're looking for anything more meaningful than porn ... this isn't the story for you. ;)

Title: Never Happened
Rating: NC-17. See above.
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer/Patrick
Word Count: 3384. What, use too many words, me? NEVER.
Warning: Not real. If this story is about you or someone you know, go away.
Summary: Um, see above. Brendon's not that kind of guy. He’d never imagine his friends having sex with each other. Really.

Brendon knew that Spencer and Patrick had a … thing )
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Posting this here for ... posterity? I wandered past the Bandom Mistletoe Meme tonight, and before I knew it I was committing an act of genderswap. Unbeta'd, short, maybe I'll do something else with it sometime? Who the hell knows?

girl!Ryan/Spencer )

I kinda have a whole universe in my head with girl!Ryan. Actually, in that mental universe, girl!Patrick also exists, and there's a whole weird thing between them - and if you care about genderswap AU stuff, you can click here )

Maybe someday, I'll actually get around to writing all the shit in my head. Sometime that isn't right now. ::grin::
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So, [ profile] sister_wolf wished me a happy birthday earlier, and told me she'd have gotten me Frank, Patrick, or Spencer if they didn't move so damned fast. I told her I wanted all of them in the same room together ... which then led the conversation down the merry path of crack AUs.

In which Patrick Stump and Spencer Smith are your evil overlords, with many minions, some more useful and effective than others. FOB, MCR, PatD, with special appearances by a couple of members of Cobra Starship )

Dude. We don't know, either. But it's AWESOME.

ETA: zomg, not friends locked! Because if we're on crack, everyone else should enjoy too.


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