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Oct. 23rd, 2007 10:00 pm
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Last post about Saturday's concert, I swear. :)

Photos of varying quality. Some of them included just because they amuse me in one way or another. Mostly, this turned out to be a tribute to the awesomeness of Joe Trohman. Fewer pictures of that Wentz kid than one would expect!

but mostly, it's Joe. And Patrick. Rare Andy appearances, because drummers are hard to catch on film! )

There are a few other random shots in the gallery, if you are so interested!
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Now that I have all the photos and videos edited, and before I forget everything, how about some kind of recap of last Sunday's show?

So, we last left our heroines unconscious in a hotel room in Madison. [ profile] leighblack and I dragged ourselves out of bed wicked early (8:30am, after collapsing at, what, 3:30?), because we were determined to get in line in Minneapolis early enough to stand right at the stage. We made it back to town by 2pm, and then to downtown Minneapolis by 5pm. Where there was already a 10-15 person line waiting outside the Fine Line. We were a little concerned, but it worked out, because everyone clumped up in the middle, and we got to be right where we wanted to be - right at the stage, in front of the piano. Score!

Let me tell you ... we had a nice little clump of people around us, friendly and respectful of personal space, but the people at center stage made us happy we had our little corner. They were either full on shoving for space, or they were like the girl next to Leigh, who looked like she didn't want to be there at all - she even got called out by Butch in the middle of the show for yawning. Heh. All in all, though, it was a much more physically comfortable experience than the night before.

As for the show ... hell, I have video and pictures, what do I need a review for?


Cigarette Lighter Love Song
Indie Queen
Born To Run (which now joins "Jessie's Girl" in the category of "odd song choices that Jaime has seen covered by multiple artists in the past two months")
Maybe It's Just Me
#1 Summer Jam

And, there are pictures - not as good as the Madison pictures, because of the damned fog machine, but yet, there are pictures!

Butch! plus, me being a dork )

The whole gallery is here.

The Butch adventure is done. Sigh. But, apparently he's taping the show in Atlanta for a DVD and live CD, so yay! There's something to look forward to, anyway.
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Back to this week's particular obsession ... my photos from the Madison show are edited! You can find them all here - below are a few of my favorite shots. Mostly of Butch making really goofy faces. :)

you'd wonder, really, why I find this man so attractive )

Next, Minneapolis. Which will probably have fewer photos, thanks to the damned fog machine. Ah, well. At least you guys will get to stop hearing about Butch very shortly. ;)


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