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Now that [ profile] spn_summergen has revealed the authors, I can post my story here! I was an emergency backup writer, which was kind of fun ... I apparently work well under pressure. :)

Title: Dreaming in Color
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Author’s notes: 2,798 words. Thanks to [ profile] moryssa and [ profile] urbanbluesky for the read-through, as well as [ profile] ignipes and [ profile] mahoni for running a truly awesome fic exchange. Written for [ profile] cole_chan.
Summary: The Winchester brothers are both having strange dreams. Coincidence or something supernatural?

Dean knew he was dreaming the moment the giant purple rat showed up. )
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And now, a couple of much shorter entries, culled from [ profile] moryssa's big list of requests. :)

Pirates of the Caribbean, Norrington, "poison". Set between Dead Man's Chest and At World's End.

He shrugs off the dirty coat and picks up the uniform he'd abandoned )

Supernatural, Bobby, "regret". Special appearance by Ellen. Post-"All Hell Breaks Loose". Possibly another part of the fic I wrote a snippet of after the episode aired?

You know what I regret, Ellen? )
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For [ profile] featherjean - Supernatural, Dean, "maze". Longer than I intended. Huh. Potential warning for offensive language.

At age 14, Dean Winchester figured he knew just about everything, except how to get out of this stupid haunted Halloween maze )
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First and foremost - I need an evil!Sammy icon ASAP.

Okay, so, episode thoughts ....

superior emotional porn - pay no attention to those pesky plot details behind the curtain )
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What, you thought that an episode centered heavily around religion wouldn't get wildly differing opinions?

survey says ... mostly good, with a bit of maybe-not at the very end )
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So, Supernatural ....

first, the good, of which there is a lot - or, how Dean Winchester is FULLY AWESOME )

So, mostly, my good thoughts on the episode are mostly incoherent, boiling down to "DEAN IS AWESOME." But, then there's ...

slightly nitpicky worry )

But, aside from our obsession with storytelling, really, this entire episode was about how awesome Dean Winchester is. And really, how can you go wrong with that?
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the usual spn spoilers )

::shakes fist at sky::

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Can I tell you how much I hate it when people write fic whose entire premise - put outside of a cut tag - is future-episode spoilery, especially when they're spoilers I've been working very hard to avoid? Grrr.

Anyway. That rant has nothing to do with Supernatural, but the rest of the post does!

this is the part where I'm happy to be mostly out of fandom )
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I was up half the night, praying for the Advil to kick in. My body clearly hates me this month.

Anyway, in lieu of actually working this morning, how about some SPN reaction of a slightly more serious nature?

simon said )

You know, two television shows is about my limit these days - I've got Supernatural, and I've got Torchwood, and they're both kicking serious ass right now, so I'm happy. :)
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Post-"Simon Said" conversation at le casa de [ profile] seimaisin and [ profile] sister_wolf ...


::blinks innocently::

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Yes, yes, Saturday night is the WORST time of the week to post new fic. Yet, I'm doing it anyway. The second chapter, finally - feedback is, of course, loved and appreciated, especially on the cold, dead weekend. ::grins::

Title: Someone's Shadow (2/?)
Rating: R (language, sexual content)
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Spoilers: Set somewhere between "Skin" and "Shadow".
Disclaimer: Dean and Sam don't belong to me. I'm learning to cope with the disappointment.
Note: Continuation of my story for the latest [ profile] occhallenge prompt party. WIP, still planned at 10-12 parts.
Length: Part One, ~3,200 words. Part Two, ~3,100 words.
Summary: Dean and Sam visit a small Illinois town, where one family is haunted by tragedy - and, perhaps, by something a little more tangible.

Part One

Part Two )
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This office is SO WARM, you have no idea. I can't concentrate on work. However, random acts of fic? Much better. ;)

First entry in the alphabetical ficlet challenge, which is still accepting prompts over here. [ profile] dragonsinger's was the first to inspire an idea - she took D - Dance, Supernatural.

Title: All The Right Moves
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam's smoother than he thinks he is.

all the right moves )
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Title: Someone's Shadow
Rating: R (language, sexual content)
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Spoilers: Set somewhere between "Skin" and "Shadow".
Disclaimer: If you recognize it from a TV show, it's not mine. If you don't, it probably is.
Note: My entry for the latest [ profile] occhallenge prompt party. WIP - my brainstorm for my prompt turned into a long, episode-ish plotty thing, with romance & sex, of course. Planned at 10-12 parts.
Summary: Dean and Sam visit a small Illinois town, where one family is haunted by tragedy - and, perhaps, by something a little more tangible.

Someone's Shadow, Part 1 )

Feedback, naturally, loved and appreciated. The format and planned length of this is intimidating me a little, so I'm not above begging for opinions. ;)
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Title: Small Dramas
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Rating: NC-17, het sex ahoy!
Summary: Dean doesn't always go looking for trouble. Sometimes, trouble finds him, and every occasionally, it's the good kind.
Note: This is for, or at least inspired by [ profile] northatlantic, who decided on Friday that, amidst all the finale angst, she wanted to read something in which Dean was happy. So, therefore, this - Dean having a good night. She can decide if she wants to take credit, blame, or deny all knowledge of my fiction. Heh.

small dramas )
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Okay, so here we go - Dre, Alex and I were shooting theory after theory at each other at rapid-fire pace there for an hour or so. Maybe it's time to get a semi-coherent entry onto LJ?

I'm trying for coherent. I may not succeed. )
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Speculation ahoy! Spoilers only through "Salvation" - no season finale spoilers wanted or needed here!

I just rewatched "Salvation" with Alex, and had a couple of theories pop into my head. Things to ponder during the long (sob) hiatus ahead of us ...

any show that starts with its own songvid just cannot get any more awesome )

In other news, Dean. ::flails:: ... that's all.
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Anyone who read this under friends lock last night can skip. :) I just decided to get over my nervousness and go public!

Anyway ... Supernatural fic. I'm officially lost, kids.

Title: Get You Through The Night
Rating: R, for het sex
Spoilers: "Provenance"
Pairing: Sam/Sarah
Disclaimer: Not mine, of course.
Summary: Sarah's nights are conflicted. She wouldn't have it any other way.

get you through the night )


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