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A few brief Torchwood thoughts, before I go do some serious baking.

Mostly? I want to marry this episode and have its shiny little babies.

spoilers for 'Out of Time' )

There's so much more to say about this episode, but there's also SO MUCH BAKING to be done. Meep. More later!
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It's possible I'll regret posting this while the new episode is actually airing. :) But, I can't sit on it any more! Lots and lots of love to [ profile] azarsuerte and [ profile] urbanbluesky for looking this over and pointing out some of my more obvious American word choices. Any errors that might remain are mine and mine alone!

Title: Dance Without Sleeping
Pairing: Jack/Gwen
Rating: R
Spoilers: None specific, maybe "They Keep Killing ..." if you squint.
Summary: Ten years after joining Torchwood, Gwen still lives with its particular demons. So does Jack. Sometimes, the demons are all they have to keep them company.

After ten years, Gwen still wasn’t sure when Jack was kidding )
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Torchwood talk for the evening ....

well, that was ... )

ETA: Once again, the Torchwood Extranet for the win. I am beginning to love Owen, and this sorta disturbs me )
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More rambly character type thoughts ... it's bad, you know, that I don't get to watch this show until late on a Sunday evening. I have enough trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights as it is, without having my brain racing a mile a minute. ;)

compassion, psychosis, and Torchwood's coping mechanisms )

And now that I've spent far too much time on that this morning ... happy Monday, y'all!
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The first, overriding reaction?

WELL then.

I can't promise anything behind the cut is more coherent than that.

my brain may be stuck on stopwatches for a while )

I really really should go to bed now. Really. Really really.

Oh, except ... edit: more about stopwatches, sorta )
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I usually wait until Monday night, but I just couldn't resist tonight. And, man, if Alex wants to watch tomorrow night, that's something I definitely have to watch again to get everything. Possibly partly through my fingers, but still.

What follow is very long, very rambly character meta. I usually spout this all at Alex after the episode ends, but I didn't wait for her, so you suffer the consequences. ;)

torchwood spoilers )
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It's Monday night, which means (in the House o' Cats, anyway) Torchwood!

spoilers for Small Worlds, and more website stuff )

eta: for fandom silliness )


Nov. 6th, 2006 08:12 pm
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So, once again, Torchwood.

spoilers for Cyberwoman )

eta a point raised by someone else )
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So, we have Torchwood.

spoilers for 'Ghost Machine' and some discussion of the website )

In short, this show is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, and I want to see the next episode now, please. ;)
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Watched "Day One" tonight - finally, after getting a bum torrent, grr - and now have thoughts on both Torchwood episodes.

let's get the one unpleasant thing out of the way first )

And with that out of the way, let's get to the squeeing. Because there's a LOT.

god, I love this show )

In short, is it Sunday yet? Also, I need icons. Badly. Look! ::points to icon:: :)


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