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I'm going to take a page from [personal profile] owlmoose this year, since I'm rededicating myself to writing, and try a monthly roundup and goal post. This will not only cover fiction, but some online writing I'm hoping to do this year.

I'm participating in [community profile] getyourwordsout again, which gives me another layer of accountability, but a personal post also lets me do some individual accounting for my writing time.

So, overall 2016 writing goals:

1) Hit my 150,000 word pledge goal for GYWO.

2) [Secret project]

3) Set up book blog, and maintain it until the end of the year.

4) Write and submit an article/guest post for at least one blog/site I enjoy.

And my January goals:

1) Write at least 27/31 days.

2) [Secret project]

3) Finish the setup of my book blog.

4) Sign up and write story for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm.
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This office is SO WARM, you have no idea. I can't concentrate on work. However, random acts of fic? Much better. ;)

First entry in the alphabetical ficlet challenge, which is still accepting prompts over here. [ profile] dragonsinger's was the first to inspire an idea - she took D - Dance, Supernatural.

Title: All The Right Moves
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam's smoother than he thinks he is.

all the right moves )
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Mostly, this is an exercise in "keep Jaime distracted in productive ways at work", because I find it really difficult to concentrate on longer stories when I'm in the middle of patient madness. Please play with me!

Choose a letter of the alphabet and name a word that begins with that letter. (Once a letter is taken, future posters have to choose another letter.) Name a fandom/subject. I will write you a ficlet (because I'm bad at limiting to 100 words, yo) for that fandom/subject based around the theme of that word.

Fandoms: Supernatural is obviously my current fandom of choice. After that, my trust in my ability to find the voice is sketchy. But, if you really want, I'll attempt Doctor Who (current two series only) or Firefly. If none of those is your thing, I'll write something original. Just give me the word and maybe a vague idea of what direction you're looking for, and I'll give you a scene.

So, anyway. Prompt me, baby. Keep me from sporking my eyes out at work!

the alphabet )
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Title: Someone's Shadow
Rating: R (language, sexual content)
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Spoilers: Set somewhere between "Skin" and "Shadow".
Disclaimer: If you recognize it from a TV show, it's not mine. If you don't, it probably is.
Note: My entry for the latest [ profile] occhallenge prompt party. WIP - my brainstorm for my prompt turned into a long, episode-ish plotty thing, with romance & sex, of course. Planned at 10-12 parts.
Summary: Dean and Sam visit a small Illinois town, where one family is haunted by tragedy - and, perhaps, by something a little more tangible.

Someone's Shadow, Part 1 )

Feedback, naturally, loved and appreciated. The format and planned length of this is intimidating me a little, so I'm not above begging for opinions. ;)
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Anyone who read this under friends lock last night can skip. :) I just decided to get over my nervousness and go public!

Anyway ... Supernatural fic. I'm officially lost, kids.

Title: Get You Through The Night
Rating: R, for het sex
Spoilers: "Provenance"
Pairing: Sam/Sarah
Disclaimer: Not mine, of course.
Summary: Sarah's nights are conflicted. She wouldn't have it any other way.

get you through the night )
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Yeah, yeah, I'm going to write/edit eventually this afternoon. First, though, more (unlocked) meta, rambling thoughts on posts seen everywhere on LJ and JF lately.

(First, though, I must say that the f_w thread about Atlantis fandom provided hours and hours of entertainment - so many ten-cent words and fandom flounces and journal deletions, and I still have absolutely NO IDEA what the original kerfuffle was about! That's fantastic! I have no desire to be in a fandom with any one of those people, but man, do they provide entertainment when they get going.)

Ahem. Anyway. Feedback. Many people are getting their backs up about feedback - the definition, what constitutes good and bad feedback, and how authors are "supposed" to feel when they do or don't get feedback. This would be my "fuck it, no one cares, but I'm going to tell you how I feel anyway" post.

the definition is everything )


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