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Dear Yuletide Writer:

Once again, I am ridiculously excited to see what you bring me this year. I've limited my requests to three fandoms this year, because I wanted to be sure that whatever fandom we matched on, I would be equally excited with the result. All three of these are things I spend a LOT of my time on, things that delight me, things that would make me incredibly happy to see fic for.

General things I love: fluffy romance, hurt/comfort, mutual pining, ridiculous shenanigans, found families, AUs, happy endings of all sorts.

Dislikes: character death, unhappy endings, humiliation comedy, rape/non-con.

Fandom-specific requests and rambling ...

Critical Role: This show. It hits every single one of my found family buttons. The sign-up limited me to four character requests, but don't feel constrained by that list. I love every single person in this show, and would love to read about anyone.

I'm a die-hard Perc'ahlia shipper, so you can't go wrong with Percy and Vex together. However, my secret dream is Vex/Percy/Vax OT3 - whether it would be a poly V or a full threesome with incest, that'd be your call, I am 100% in for either. Speaking of OT3s, though, I would also kill for poly Keyleth/Vax/Gilmore. Or, quite frankly, any sort of Polymachina scenario you might come up with. I am here for ALL THE POLY RELATIONSHIPS.

(Also, I'm 110% in for Yuleporn in this fandom, should that be your kind of thing.)

If you're more on the gen side of things, though, don't worry! I seriously do love every dynamic in Vox Machina and their friends and allies. Give me twin bonding, or de Rolo sibling bonding, or Keyleth being awkward with Kash, or Grog and the gnomes shenanigans, or life back in Whitestone while VM is out dragon-hunting, or ... I could go on forever. Seriously, I will be 100% happy with whatever you give me in this fandom, as long as it has a happy ending.

Elder Scrolls Online: I spend so much time playing this game. SO MUCH TIME. And there's almost no fic for it, which is incredibly sad - so if this is the fandom we match on, imagine me jumping up and down with glee right now.

My requests are for the four Thieves' Guild characters, because I love that storyline so much, and I love all the characters therein. I love that it's almost entirely female characters, all so very different, with varied and often combative relationships. I love that the one love story we get in this storyline is between two older women, who have lost and then find each other again. This is my favorite DLC yet, thanks to these characters.

I'd love fic about Velsa and Nahrani and their reunion. But I also love how Velsa and Zeira both despise and respect each other by the end, and how Quen starts fitting into the Abah's Landing Guild. I just want to read about their day to day lives, robbing people and living in the sewers and being a really dysfunctional little thieving family.

Paradise Bay: Honestly, I would have never thought to nominate this, but once I saw that someone else did, I literally clapped in delight. (So thank you, whoever did nominate it!) This game is my day-to-day time waster, so adorable and fun, with genuinely good dialogue and characters that make me laugh, and I've had brief thoughts about "wouldn't fic about this game be super-fun?" Now, perhaps, I'll actually get it! Which would be amazing!

I love Pike and Clara, and their pre-existing relationship. I'll read anything about them - their pre-game adventures? How they met? Adventures they go on now, while they're living on the Island? Gen or shippy, I'd take either. And Sita and Wesley - I'll take fic about Wesley being the Worst Pirate, or Sita before she made it to the Island, or their awkward courting together. Or I'd take group shenanigan fic with all of them - plus Keani and Finn, should you choose to include them.

Happy writing, my friend! I can't wait until Christmas, to see what you've brought me. :D
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I wrote two stories for this year's Yuletide:

Matches To Paper Dolls (The Wicked + the Divine, Baphomet/Morrigan). In which Baphomet is fucked up, naturally.

Morning in the Morgue (In Death, Peabody/Morris). A short scene with the second-best homicide detective in New York and everyone's favorite coroner.

And in case you missed it, everyone who likes Rebels should go read my gift, Past, yet present, a really lovely Kanan/Hera story.

Happy New Year, everyone!
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Some plus/minus Monday thoughts.

+ I took my therapist's advice, and got some melatonin supplements to at least help my Sunday night sleep schedule. And it worked, at least for last night! I'd almost forgotten what it was like to not wake up at least four times during the night.

- [redacted extended family stuff] :((((((

+ If you like your erotic romance to include threesomes and moresomes of a variety of gender configurations, as well as sex for fun and affection as well as for True Love, I highly recommend Kit Rocha's Beyond series. I've sped through all the full-length books, and now have to go back and get the novellas.

- Still doubting every idea I have for my Yuletide story. I need to do a canon review, and hope desperately that the canon doesn't joss whatever I decide to write before reveals. Ugh. Why did I decide to offer something so narratively dense again?

- Actually, I'm doubting every story idea I have in any context, not just Yuletide. It's a huge problem. I'm not doubting my actual writing ability, just my ability to come up with a story that's worth telling. It's paralyzing me. I'm unsure what steps I need to take to eradicate it, because at this point, 'just start writing' hasn't worked.

+ But hey, at least I managed to dye my hair yesterday, and get a couple of other tasks completed. I need to recognize small victories where I can get them right now.
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Dear Yuletide Writer:

As usual, thank you in advance for whatever you choose to write. I’m incredibly excited about all the fandoms/characters mentioned below this year, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

I include some prompt-type things with each fandom, but don’t feel like you’re limited to those ideas. Those are just in case you want a jumping-off point - if you have your own ideas, I’ll be super excited to read them!

If you’re the sort of person who likes to stalk your recipient, I more often live on Tumblr as shadowedhills. I’m seimaisin on AO3.

To porn or not to porn: If I say I ship something below, or if it’s otherwise a canonical pairing, I’m absolutely open to porn! Consider anything that’s not listed in my dislikes as fair game. However, if you’re not a porn kind of writer, that’s 100% okay too! Just know that I’m open to either, whatever your preferences and inspirations are.

General likes: happy/hopeful endings, domestic fluff, found families, BDSM (especially fem!sub), heists and shenanigans, hurt/comfort, friendship between women,

General dislikes: tragic endings, rape/non-con, watersports, character humiliation, incest

Elder Scrolls Online - Razum-dar, Ayrenn Aldmeri

I am not the person who nominated this fandom, but I literally pumped my fist in glee when I saw it in the tag set. ESO has eaten up hundreds of my hours over the last year and a half, and Raz and Ayrenn are probably my favorite NPCs in the whole game. Ayrenn is such an interesting example of the Altmer - so young, in their world, and so determined to push past the typical Altmer superiority complex. And I love Raz’s devotion to her, as mysterious as it is, given how little of himself and his past he reveals to the player.

If you’re writing this fandom, I really just want fic about their relationship. Ship or no ship, either way is more than fine. I’ll take stories of their adventures before she came back to take the crown, or stories about the Queen and her spymaster. Want to speculate about what happens after Molag Bal is defeated? Be my guest! Seriously, I don’t care when you set it, or what direction you go with their relationship, as long as you keep the obvious affection and loyalty they have towards each other.

Potential prompts: What happens behind closed doors after Naemon’s death? How exactly does Raz survive in those ruins in Reaper’s March if you leave him behind? Or what was that whole story about riding a guar naked? Or how exactly did a runaway Altmer princess end up under the wing of a Khajiit … assassin? Or whatever Raz called himself in those days?

October Daye - Sylvester Torquill, Luna Torquill

Toby’s surrogate parents, with whom she now has a very contentious relationship. But they’ve both been alive for infinitely longer than Toby, and have their own histories, their own motivations for everything they do, things that Toby is unable to see. I want to know what they are, what their relationship is like when Toby’s not around.

I’d especially love to see something that happened before the start of the books. Maybe even pre-Rayselline, pre-Toby, when “parent” wasn’t a role either one of them needed to play. Maybe something about Sylvester’s days as a hero, or something expanding on who Luna is other than “child of a Blind Michael, wife of Sylvester, mother of Rayseline.” They’re fascinating characters with a long, storied history, and we don’t get but a small glimpse of it in the books. I will happily read anything you want to write about the two of them and their loving, but complicated relationship.

Potential prompts: I’d read about their courtship, or about how Sylvester finds out Luna’s true identity. Or if you want to use this opportunity to expand on their relationships with other people in their circle outside of Toby’s limited POV, feel free!

Star Wars: Rebels - Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus

So yes, I ship it 110%. I adored everything about the start of their relationship in A New Dawn, and I love the way their relationship progressed to comfort and trust between then and the TV series. I love the “old married couple” dynamic, the fact that they know each other so well and can find so much comfort in each other. So if you’re inclined to write something shippy, I’ll be delighted with anything - set it during Rebels, set it during the years between their meeting and when they picked up Ezra, speculate about the future, it’s all good by me.

If shipping them isn’t your thing, though, don’t worry - the dynamics I mention above are just as awesome when you’re talking about non-romantic friends and partners! Really, the only thing I ask is that your story keep their closeness intact; or, if you introduce a rift in the story, it’s resolved by the end. Also, I’m happy to read anything with any of the Ghost crew being their fantastic “found family” selves. As long as Kanan and Hera are the main focus of the story, you can bring anyone else along for the ride that you choose!

Potential prompts: If you ship it, when did their relationship change from platonic to romantic? I love falling-in-love stories! Otherwise, for any version of their relationship, I’ll happily read adventure stories, tales about them making trouble for the Empire, slice-of-life down time stories, pretty much anything.

Hamilton - Angelica Schuyler, Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, Peggy Schuyler


… okay, you probably want more to go on. But I’m serious, I’ll take anything about any one of the sisters, apart or together. Give me Eliza dealing with her life with Hamilton, or her quest to maintain his legacy after his death. Give me … well, anything with Peggy at all, whatsoever. But I’ll admit, Angelica is my favorite. I want to know what her marriage is like, how she feels about her husband, what kind of life they lead. I want more about her complicated relationship with Hamilton - and I’m open to reading about an actual affair between the two of them, if that’s your thing. Or, hey, I’m also one of those who thinks OT3 is the answer to a lot of shipping problems, so if you want to OT3 Angelica/Hamilton/Eliza, that is also fair game!

Whatever you choose, I just want to read about one or more of the sisters dealing with life in the context of the musical, or in an AU based on the musical, if that’s somewhere your mind goes. The show tells us a lot about how the men shaped the nation. Now I want to see things through the eyes of the women.

Potential prompts: I mentioned some above - an Angelica/Hamilton affair, or an OT3. Or tell me what Peggy was doing while everyone else was embroiled in everything. Or give me bonding moments between any of the sisters, before or after Hamilton walks into their lives. Or, I’d actually really like to see Angelica being happy with her husband; the fact that she loves Alexander doesn’t preclude her also loving the man she married.

Yuletide is one of my favorite times of the year! I can't wait to see what you write!
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Dear Yuletide Author:

First of all, thank you for whatever you decide to write for me - discovering my Yuletide presents has been a highlight of my holiday season for the last few years!

General requests: I'd really like something happy/hopeful. Which doesn't mean you can't include angst and trouble, but I'd really like something that has a happy and/or hopeful ending for the characters. Other than that ... really, I enjoy things across the board! Fluff, smut, AUs, domestic, adventure, et cetera; as long as it includes the characters requested being awesome with each other, I'm inclined to like it!

My few dislikes: rape/non-con, incest, sexual uses of bodily fluids that aren't normally involved in sex, abuse. I'm also not a huge fan of baby or pregnancy fic.

Okay, on to the requests!

1) Sleepy Hollow

I do, in fact, ship Ichabod and Abbie, so any kind of fluffy romance and/or smut fic would be well appreciated in this corner! Or, if you're not a shipper of that sort, I would also love a friendship fic. Or a case fic, or more of Ichabod adjusting to the 21st century ... basically, as long as Ichabod and Abbie are being snarky and adorable with each other, I'm happy. :)

2) Haven

I am strongly in favor of an Audrey/Nathan/Duke OT3. I will happily devour anything that involves the three of them in a mutually codependent triad, in or out of bed. If OT3 isn't your thing, though, I'd also gladly read some Audrey/Duke. Or even just friendship fic featuring all three of them. Whatever you choose, I'd really like to see something where they get a break from the Troubles, where they're dealing with each other without the immediate stress of imminent supernatural disaster hanging over their heads.

3) Ready Player One

I just finished reading this book, and I adored the universe. What I really, really want is fic about either Art3mis/Samantha or Aech/Helen - while Parzival/Wade is doing his thing during the story, what are they doing? What are Art3mis's methods of investigating, who else does she encounter on the way, how does her fame affect her? Or Aech, traveling around in her van, what kind of adventures and/or trouble does she get up to, in the real world or the virtual one? I need all the female character fic for this book.

4) Star Wars: The Old Republic

By the time Yuletide stories are revealed, I will hopefully be completely done playing the Imperial Agent storyline. It's a fascinating story, and I'd take any story about how the Agent deals with the incredible amount of crap that's thrown her way. I'm also super fond of Vector, and am currently trying to romance him, so I'd also love anything that allows the Agent and Vector to have some good times together, as a break from the Empire's machinations. (This is, perhaps obviously, a potential loophole in the "happy/hopeful" request from above, if you choose to write about the Agent dealing with her storyline.)

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Happy Yuletide!
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Dear Yuletide Writer:

First, let me thank you in advance for whatever it is you end up writing for me. Last year was my first year participating in Yuletide, and I ended up with a couple of really great stories that made my holiday season that much better. Whatever you write for me is a gift that will make me clap with delight on Christmas, no matter what you write, I can guarantee that!

My main request for this year, regardless of which fandom you matched with me on, is pretty simple – I want women being awesome! The ways in which they're awesome are completely up to you, but whatever you write, I'd really like it to focus primarily on female characters.

Fandom details - and potential spoilers - below: Cinders (video game), Iron Seas (Meljean Brook), Newsflesh (Mira Grant), Clockwork Century (Cherie Priest) )
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... just so you know, I'm going to be out of town for the holiday, with only sporadic internet access until the morning of the 27th. I know myself well enough to know that I'll be trying my hardest to get somewhere with internet access on Christmas to see what lovely gift you've left me - but, if you don't hear from me until Tuesday, don't panic! :D
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Thank you in advance for your story, whatever you choose to write! This is my first year participating in Yuletide, so I'll try to make this letter helpful without going overboard. :)

The biggest thing to note is that right now, I'm almost exclusively interested in stories that center around women - either on their own, or as half (or a major part) of a pairing. The fandoms listed below all have some really amazing women to play with, so I don't think that should be a problem for anyone willing to write in one of them!

My general likes are many and varied, so I won't start listing things here. Specific likes for the fandoms are all below, so that should (hopefully) point you in the right direction. As for dislikes, I prefer to stay away from deathfic, incest, rape/dubcon ... basically, if given the choice, I prefer happy/hopeful stories, though a good dollop of angst never really goes awry.

On to the fandoms!

In Death (any)

I am madly, hopelessly in love with all of these characters, so whoever you choose to focus on will make me dance for joy. I'm attached to the canon pairings, so please avoid breakups or infidelity. Mostly, I just want to read slices of life with anyone being snarky and weird and awesome. Peabody and McNabb being hilarious and adorable? Banter from the bullpen at Cop Central? A social get-together with some or all of the characters having a good time together? Nadine or Mira going about their jobs during a time when Eve isn't involved? Mavis's rock star life? Eve and Roarke having wild monkey sex on one of their vacations? And those are just things I came up with off the top of my head, don't feel limited to anything I've listed - the possibilities are endless! I would read a million words of any of these people going about their lives, pick whatever scenario sounds good to you!

Toby Daye (Toby, Tybalt, The Luidaeg, May)

Another universe I could cheerfully drown myself in. This one's a bit darker than my other choices, though, so don't feel the need to follow my "happy/hopeful" direction if whatever you're writing wants to turn the other way. (Just don't kill anyone she hasn't already offed in the books, though. ;)) I would love a good Toby/Tybalt story - smut, UST, whatever you choose. Otherwise, I find the Luidaeg fascinating and would love to read a juicy gen story that explores her more in depth - her history, her relationship with Toby, her interactions with another character, whatever! And any story is made better with May, as far as I'm concerned - and the combination of May and Tybalt, whether on their own or making Toby's life harder/more irritating, would be really hilarious. :D

The Iron Seas series (Yasmeen, Archimedes, Zenobia, Scarsdale)

I literally just finished reading Heart of Steel, so seeing this fandom pop up made me clap with joy. I love this universe SO MUCH, and would read just about anything anyone wanted to explore inside it. Any and/or all of the above characters having some kind of adventures would make me a very happy panda. Gen or shippy, it's your call - any pairing/threesome would be fine by me, as long as a) a female is involved and b) it's not incestuous. I would also love to read gen about Zenobia's life as a writer, or about Yasmeen and Scarsdale's friendship, or about Yasmeen's previous adventures as an airship pirate, or Yasmeen and Archimedes' future adventures ... on and on, you get the picture. :D


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