Nov. 17th, 2011

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Thank you in advance for your story, whatever you choose to write! This is my first year participating in Yuletide, so I'll try to make this letter helpful without going overboard. :)

The biggest thing to note is that right now, I'm almost exclusively interested in stories that center around women - either on their own, or as half (or a major part) of a pairing. The fandoms listed below all have some really amazing women to play with, so I don't think that should be a problem for anyone willing to write in one of them!

My general likes are many and varied, so I won't start listing things here. Specific likes for the fandoms are all below, so that should (hopefully) point you in the right direction. As for dislikes, I prefer to stay away from deathfic, incest, rape/dubcon ... basically, if given the choice, I prefer happy/hopeful stories, though a good dollop of angst never really goes awry.

On to the fandoms!

In Death (any)

I am madly, hopelessly in love with all of these characters, so whoever you choose to focus on will make me dance for joy. I'm attached to the canon pairings, so please avoid breakups or infidelity. Mostly, I just want to read slices of life with anyone being snarky and weird and awesome. Peabody and McNabb being hilarious and adorable? Banter from the bullpen at Cop Central? A social get-together with some or all of the characters having a good time together? Nadine or Mira going about their jobs during a time when Eve isn't involved? Mavis's rock star life? Eve and Roarke having wild monkey sex on one of their vacations? And those are just things I came up with off the top of my head, don't feel limited to anything I've listed - the possibilities are endless! I would read a million words of any of these people going about their lives, pick whatever scenario sounds good to you!

Toby Daye (Toby, Tybalt, The Luidaeg, May)

Another universe I could cheerfully drown myself in. This one's a bit darker than my other choices, though, so don't feel the need to follow my "happy/hopeful" direction if whatever you're writing wants to turn the other way. (Just don't kill anyone she hasn't already offed in the books, though. ;)) I would love a good Toby/Tybalt story - smut, UST, whatever you choose. Otherwise, I find the Luidaeg fascinating and would love to read a juicy gen story that explores her more in depth - her history, her relationship with Toby, her interactions with another character, whatever! And any story is made better with May, as far as I'm concerned - and the combination of May and Tybalt, whether on their own or making Toby's life harder/more irritating, would be really hilarious. :D

The Iron Seas series (Yasmeen, Archimedes, Zenobia, Scarsdale)

I literally just finished reading Heart of Steel, so seeing this fandom pop up made me clap with joy. I love this universe SO MUCH, and would read just about anything anyone wanted to explore inside it. Any and/or all of the above characters having some kind of adventures would make me a very happy panda. Gen or shippy, it's your call - any pairing/threesome would be fine by me, as long as a) a female is involved and b) it's not incestuous. I would also love to read gen about Zenobia's life as a writer, or about Yasmeen and Scarsdale's friendship, or about Yasmeen's previous adventures as an airship pirate, or Yasmeen and Archimedes' future adventures ... on and on, you get the picture. :D


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