seimaisin: (beth at home)
seimaisin ([personal profile] seimaisin) wrote2015-12-30 01:23 pm

onward and upward

It's that time - a year ends, another begins, and it's a natural time to reevaluate habits and goals. I'm not really looking back at the year that was in depth. I got out of a toxic work environment, and moved on to something infinitely better. My dad had another major health scare, but came through it okay, at least for the moment. It was, all in all, not an easy year, but one which I'm ending feeling stronger than I did last January. That's really all I can ask.

The words for 2016 are Healthy, Happy, and Creative. Which means, if something doesn't cause me to be at least one of the three, it has to go. (Well, unless it helps pay my bills, but that goes without saying.) I have a handful of concrete goals for the new year, but I'm keeping those fairly close until I get further along the way. But everything I do, I'm going to try to run past those three filters. Will it make me healthier, either physically or mentally? Does it make me happy? Will it further my creativity? If I can't answer 'yes' to at least one of those, then it's probably something I should think about cutting out of my life.

I'll hit 40 in about 9 months, and I intend to feel like I'm making real progress with my life by the time my 30s are complete.

I'm glad 2015 happened, but I'm glad to see the end of it, as well. I have my brain back - at least enough of it to work with - so it's time for a fresh start.

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